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7 Ways To Help Somebody Suffering From Depression

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If you have a friend or acquaintance suffering from depression, you might feel the urge to try and help them. While it isn’t always possible to cure somebody from their depression or anxiety problems, you can certainly try to ease their worries and help to shine a little bit of light in their lives. Here are some of the ways you can help somebody suffering from depression.

Take their mind off things

You can’t magically say a few words and get rid of the child psychologist at Gold Coast they are suffering from, but doing something different for a change can certainly make a difference. People often suffer from temporary depression due to loneliness; so offering to do something with them and keep them busy for a few hours can make a real difference.

Suggest activities and events

Perhaps they don’t want to leave the house, but playing a card game or having a drink over a TV show or chat might be just what they need to lift their spirits for a while. Even if you don’t get round to planning anything, the thought and suggestion can be very helpful.

Talk about therapy

Not everybody with depression likes to admit that they are suffering, so suggesting a therapist when they are in denial could pose a problem. However, if your friend has openly told you that they are suffering from depression, suggest that they visit a psychologist Gold Coast to get properly diagnosed. You can offer to accompany them to the appointment if they have reservations about it.

Be a listening ear

Sometimes, all people need is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Many people who suffer from depression go through periods where it is worse at certain times than others. The best types of friends are those who are happy to listen to some ranting and crying every now and then.

Encourage a healthier lifestyle

People with depression can feel a lot better just by living a healthier lifestyle. The problem, of course, is that people with depression don’t always want to live a healthy lifestyle, but rather choose unhealthy food options and don’t exercise regularly. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes people feel happier, so offer to be a gym buddy or walking partner for a few weeks.

Don’t push it

You might be saddened by somebody you know suffering from depression, but it’s important not to push it and force them into doing things if they don’t feel ready yet. For example, if they don’t want to speak to a therapist or visit their doctor, accept this for the time being and back down until you feel the time is right.

Be non-judgemental

Many people don’t talk about their feelings for fear of being judged, and if you’re the type of person who tends to judge other people’s problem and make them feel like they shouldn’t have any problems, you won’t be the ideal person for them to speak to. Try to understand their point of view, even if you’ve never suffered from a mental health problem before.

Online Reviews Being Trusted And Appreciated As Much As Personal Referrals

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The importance of online reviews is on the rise. In fact, consumers these days lookout for reviews online and finally after evaluating, they go ahead making the decision to purchase a product or not to.

Local Consumer Review Survey

People do hunt for online reviews and how well a website fares, when it comes to making the final purchase decision. The chief objective of this type of a survey is to understand how online reviews eventually persuade the attitude of customers when it comes to gauging local businesses.  They also help us understand, how they influence local business services and their SEO search approaches.

The chief findings can be received through this survey

  • 88% goes through reviews as this helps them to understand the kind of quality the local business generates (vs. 85% in 2013).
  • We also got to know that 39% of customers do browse through reviews frequently.
  • However, only 12% of consumers so not go through reviews.


Approximately, 10% of customers do go through online reviews. This helps them to understand the kind of quality the local business provides to the consumers. But, about 39% of them do go through the reviews on regular basis. As per the trend, we understand the fact that more and more people are relying on online reviews, as years pass by. This determines the need for local businesses to help people know more about them through honest and genuine reviews. They have to ensure that they get active, when it comes to managing their online reputation.

85% of consumers can state that they go through at least 10 reviews

The chief findings received through this survey

  • 67 % of the customers stated that they do read up to 6 reviews
  • 85% of the customers state that they do read about 10 reviews
  • While about 7 % of the customers do read more than twenty reviews.


Around eighty five percent of the customers feel convinced and assured, once they go through ten reviews about the local business company. But the number of customers is on the rise that does not mind reading up to twenty reviews. This clearly reveals that they do have an attachment to online review forum and sites. However, will this be enough when it comes to highlighting trust issues? In general, customers feel that they can only evaluate and come to a proper decision, after they have read more positive reviews rather than the negatives about a local business.

72% of customers can state that the more the reviews are positive, the more they feel like trusting the local business

The chief findings received through this survey

  • 72% of customers feel the more positive the reviews are the more trusted the company would be.
  • 10% of consumers however, do not pay much attention to reviews posted online


Approximately 7 out of 10 customers do get motivated and satisfied with positive reviews about a company. These highlights simply reveal how important online reviews can be for local businesses. The company needs to heed attention towards reputation management. This is something which they can simply not ignore. In fact, it may be a chief reason which may affect their revenue directly.