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February 2018

Tips for Redesigning an Office Space

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Redecorating or redoing an office space can be a complex task. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, practical matters such as productivity should be considered. If you put your mind to it, refurbishing even an old office space may not as bad. Here are several ideas to start with: 

Include Individual Storage for Employees  

One of the main problems of offices is storage. In that, there never seems to enough of it. If you want a generally clutter-free office, provide employees with staff lockers. This would prevent personal clutter accumulating on office desks. Employees would also stop using office storage cupboards for their personal items. Individual employees can keep their own things in designated lockers Sydney, which would not only increase storage efficiency, but would improve privacy and security as well.  

Buy Space-Saving Furniture  

Free up much of the area in your office by purchasing space-saving furniture. This is furniture with in-built storage that won’t consume too much area space. Space-saving furniture can make a stuffy office less stuffy almost overnight. It’s cost-efficient as well because employers don’t have to buy new storage furniture again.  

Think about Distractions before Settling on a Floor Plan 

Office plans should be separated into high-traffic and low-traffic areas. Employees should simply not be seated in high-traffic areas unless their job involves managing all that foot traffic. Employees should be seated far away from noisy traffic where they can concentrate. There could be other distractions around the office as well. For example, the customer service department tends to be very noisy. Other employees seated close by might not be able to get work done. So eliminate such distractions when redesigning the floor plan. Make sure all employees can be as productive as they possibly can.  

Move All Decorations to the Walls  

Don’t use decorative cabinets in the office, as they only consume space. Instead, use the walls to place decorations. You can use artwork and wall-mounted decorative items to improve the overall looks around the office without sacrificing available space. Also, it’s best to keep the decorative items to a minimal to avoid a gaudy appearance.  

Allow the Daylight to Pour In  

No one likes to work in a dingy office so make sure the place gets plenty of sunlight. Enlarge the windows or use thinner curtains to allow in more sunlight. Remove any obstacles in front of windows as well. More daylight means more money saved on electricity. When the office is dark, employees would resort to using the light bulbs, driving up electricity costs. It’s simply more cost effective and less wasteful to redesign the office in a manner that facilitates letting in the sunlight during daytime.  

Use a Light Wall Paint  

If you are thinking about repainting the walls of the office, choose a very light colour. Dark colours would make the entire interior look rather dingy. Light colours reflect sunlight well, and will make the office look bright during daytime, possibly eliminating electricity costs. Light wall paints will also make your office look very welcoming.  

When the new floor plan in in place, make sure people can move around the furniture or cubicles comfortably. The point is to make sure the new design lets employees work in a distraction free environment in a manner that maximized productivity. If the new redesign achieves that, then that would be a great success.