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March 2018

Why Choose Cloud Solutions From CSG 

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CSG, one of Australia’s leading IT services and business solution providers, also offers a series of highly popular cloud computing services for local business big and small. Cloud solutions are widely available in Australia these days thanks to rapid adoption of the technology. Cloud computing can make business operations simpler, less costly, and quite convenient for both employees and employers. CSG offers a diverse range of cloud solutions that are more affordable and effective than generic solutions commonly available in the country. CSG can help companies build a cloud-first approach to streamline internal operation. Australians SMEs can seamlessly adapt to market challenges with CSG’s cloud tech. Here is a brief list of the cloud solutions and benefits provided that businesses can benefit from: 

CSG Total Office 

Design an office in the cloud with CSG’s Total office package. The system offers desktops for employees optimized for collaboration and file storage. CSG also offers support for the cloud-based office. This package is highly recommended for smaller businesses with extensive cloud management issues.  

Boardroom Cloud 

CSG boardroom as a service package is a video conferencing and digital display combo package. Eliminate the need for each member to be in the office to conduct sensitive business talks. CSG services are highly secure. The provider offers the best hardware and can be responsible for maintenance.  

Server Infrastructure  

So you have a great cloud package, but who is going to pay for the server? With CSG, clients can create a private cloud network without being burdened with the purchase and maintenance costs of the server hardware. CSG provides robust and scalable servers and associated hardware. The infrastructure is fully managed to the in-house team never has to worry.  

Secure Mobile Management 

Mobile use is an essential aspect of working professionally in the modern age. But how expensive and unsecure are these mobile connections? Many Aussie SMEs face challenges in balancing the flexibility of mobile-connected employees with the company’s needs to keep data secure. CSG offers the perfect solution for SMEs facing this dilemma: cloud mobile management services that encrypt communications and adds functionality to mobile working environments. Companies can develop a central control room, supported by CSG cloud software. The console can protect not only handheld devices, but also laptops and servers as well from a remote location. Data can be immediately erased if there is security breach.  

Cloud Telephony 

Why still waste money on a physical phone network? Eliminate this unnecessary cost by switching to cloud PBX telephony with CSG. This system makes landline numbers available regardless of where the employees are located. With a good internet connection, companies can benefit from essentially a portable landline network at a much lower cost. You can cut your office phone bill in half with our cloud telephony services.  

CSG offers modular cloud solutions made simple for any type of business. The provider makes it possible for the brand to be flexible with the solution to meet market challenges. In other words, CSG cloud solutions are future-proof. CSG’s “technology as a service” approach also allows companies to be optimally productive and efficient as desired.  

CSG guarantees quickly deployable, scalable, and adaptable cloud solutions for Australian SMEs. The provider offers a predictable and controllable pricing scheme as well. Businesses can eliminate inflated costs associated with hiring contractors when working with CSG. Cost savings are a given with CSG cloud solutions.    

Secure Your Business Through Network Security

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Normally at the end of the day when we leave office, we generally lock the doors and switch off the lights so that we can keep the business and its equipment safe. But what do we do to secure our network? We often forget to secure our network. Remember, whether it is your home computer or your office computers, network security is a very important and a must thing for all computers. Both for your home and office, network security is an important requirement. It gives protection to your computers from hacking, connection stealing, damage to the computers and documents and connection and system viruses. You must consider one thing that your computer network also needs high protection. The technology of network security protects the network from being misused, abused, theft and attack by exploiters who can steal the business related information. It also provides protection to your computers from internet viruses. Having no IT security means your computer is exposed or accessible to unofficial disturbances. 

Now Business ICT phone systems for small business Sydney is very popular. Different layers of defense are offered through network security so that your data and network could be safe and secured. For small to medium business owners, the recovery cost could be very high from the network security aperture. So it is very important for them to keep the network security as the most important priority thing. So you must be wondering that what could be the possible ways to keep your important data and network safe. Well there are many possible ways to keep your network security safe no matters it is of personal data or of some business data. It will help you to keep them secure from the hackers. So before anything happens, network security is very essential. 

How to secure your business through network security:- 

  • You must know that your router is the main thing for your network security. So router security is very essential. 
  • Again firewalls are another important thing for all the computers of the same network. A thorough set u of the firewalls can block the network invaders, catch the spyware and destroy the viruses. It also helps to hide the files and the documents. 
  • Normally from a connected device, the routers allow the users to access their settings. This means that it disable the remote access as the cyber criminals access this. 
  • You must consider installing the antivirus or the antimalware. This software should be there on all the devices. It provides protection to data from trojans, ransomeware, worms and spyware. It not only detects these viruses but also fix the damages later on. 
  • Remember that you need to protect the applications also which you are using for your business to run smoothly. Hackers or attackers often look for the loopholes of the software you are using to invade your network. 
  • it also help you in data loss prevention. You need to be aware that no staff of your’s are sending the confidential data of your business to the outside world. The data loss prevention will check that no one can send, upload or print any confidential data or information.  
  • You need to secure your email as the hackers always consider the email gateways as their top priority to hack.  

At the end you must know that an unprotected and open network can invite the strangers get into the computer you have and can collect information and can damage or collapse your system.