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June 2018

Tips For Creating The Best Kitchen

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One of the most important rooms in a house is the kitchen. It’s the place at the heart of all forms of entertainment and a room in which you will probably spend a lot of time. Be it to boil the kettle and make coffee or to prepare a roast for a dinner party, the kitchen is where it all happens. So it follows logically that you would want your kitchen to be more than functional. You want your kitchen to be a comfortable place to work and a great place to entertain. It is probably the one room in the house that adds the most value to the overall price of your house. So how do you create the killer kitchen without breaking the bank? Here are a few simple ideas and strategies for creating the kitchen of your dreams. 

Work the floor 

The kitchen is a high traffic area and the area where, if they going to happen, you will most probably have the greatest amount of spillage and breakages. So plan accordingly and opt for something on the floor that is both durable and attractive. Go online and search for specialists in your area – something simple like tilers Western Sydney should do the trick. Once you have tracked down the right person for the job pick some cheap floor tiles Sydney and get going. The options are plenty and you can tailor something to fit your budget, but if done properly it will add huge value to the room.  

Go green 

Green is all the rage at the moment but that normally implies a garden. Lots of modern kitchen with good light are however creating indoor vertical gardens as places to grow fresh herbs. It looks stunning and it is great when preparing a meal. All you need to do for some fresh rosemary or sage is to walk to the herb garden and pick some fresh garnish. This is a very stylish feature but be warned, it can be high maintenance and you probably need to have a skill at gardening for it to work. It looks really terrible if you have a wall of dead plants in your kitchen.  


Cluttered surfaces are not the way to go. When at rest your kitchen should be clean lines and surfaces. There is absolutely no need to have every appliance that you own (and never use) on display. With kitchens you want storage and lots of it, so factor that in when designing the room. It also needs to be storage that allows for easy access to awkward sized objects – think large pots and bulky appliances.  

Double oven   

Almost every kitchen has an oven, but look at the kitchens of seasoned caterers and dinner party hosts and you will see that they have a second oven. Having two ovens gives you a huge amount of flexibility and the option prepare more and to have multiple items ready at the same time or one after the other. Surprisingly it is not a huge additional cost getting a double oven, so if you find yourself in the market for an oven, don’t think twice, get the double one.