4 Signs Indicating You Might Need Knee Replacement

By July 31, 2018Medical Services

We take little physical activities for granted. Climbing stairs, walking briskly, going for a morning jog, peddling a bicycle and making a sprint are phenomena whose significance often goes unnoticed. Yet, these are some of the most common means of maintaining your health and fitness; such is their utility. And all these routine movements and exercise require the backing of robust knee joints. If it were not for knee and other important joints, we would be wobbling on our feet and only then will we truly realise the importance of healthy joints in our lives.  

Insidiously, the knee arthritis incidence in Australia has been on the rise. It is a major cause of lost work time and serious disabilities for many people. The problem commonly manifests in the form of swelled knee, painful movements and reduced flexibility. Alarmingly, these symptoms may or may not warrant immediate treatment, as it usually takes years for arthritis to cause serious troubles in your movements.  

Thus, you should always be vigilant to notice some of the vital signs of burgeoning arthritis inside your knee joints and prepare for the knee arthritis surgery accordingly. Here are four signs which you must not ignore and which suggest that you might need knee arthritis surgery: 


Just like other major diseases, the conception of osteoarthritis takes place in the different form of pain. It can be a pain with activity, after workout pain or pain that interrupts your sleep: 

Pain during an activity 

If you feel pain while doing a normal routine activity which also involves the movement of knee joints, such as climbing stairs or a simple walk, it’s time for you to consult an orthopaedic surgeon.  

Pain after an activity 

Sometimes, the internal knee pain arises not during, but after the exercise. In this case, you are highly likely to brush aside the pain considering it normal post-workout ache. In reality, this signifies that your knee joint is not performing well. Put simply, pain in your knees has to be taken seriously, even if it comes later on after an activity, for a delay in checkup would necessitate the knee arthritis surgery for you.  

Pain that causes disruption in a sleep 

Nobody likes to be disturbed before or during slumber. And if the ripples of pain are emanating from the knee, it becomes particularly agonising. It affects your sleep in a continual manner, only if it allows you to sleep in the first place. So, if you do wake up because of the pain caused by your movements during sleep, talk to someone, preferably a doctor, about it.  

Visual changes

Feel good factor is paramount in discerning the health of your knee joint. However, the way your knee appears is also no less important. Changes in the way your knee appears can be a sign of inflammation and warrants advice from a specialist about the possibility of knee arthritis surgery.  

Restricted postures 

Another commonly ignored knee-joint anomaly is forced limitations in your movements and postures. For instance, if you feel your knee is refusing to bend whenever you sit down on a low seat especially that of a car or a cinema, you must immediately seek an appointment with a specialist consultant. 

Involuntary change in lifestyle 

It doesn’t matter if you want to climb a mountain or simply prune the garden – any symptom that prevents or limits your ability to do the things you love is cause for concern. Put simply, never let the problematic knee ruin your modus vivendi; you must have it replaced! 

Most of the times, sundry knee problems don’t necessarily end up in a full knee replacement surgery, thanks to other viable, less costly treatment options available such as physiotherapy, exercise, and medication. Still, no matter how effective short-term solutions might be, severe knee arthritis can only be removed through knee replacement Melbourne surgery. Most people tend to avoid the surgery because of its perceived complications, long recovery duration and high cost involved. However, with the advent of better treatment processes such as outpatient knee replacement surgery – wherein you are discharged from the hospital on the day of the operation or you can even have it done at your own house – all the negative perceptions about the procedure are now a thing of the past. Just make sure to contact the best hip and knee replacement orthopaedic surgeon in town and then let things unfold themselves afterwards.