6 Considerations For Choosing Artificial Grass In Australia 

By October 22, 2018Home & Garden

There are different types of artificial grass fitting options available in Australia ranging from inferior to superior quality, directly affecting the longevity of its visual health and look. As a result, Aussies often find it confusing while investing into artificial grass that whether if their investment would be worth it or not. One should know that money is not the only factor affecting the decision making but there are other important considerations as well which must be paid equal attention in order to make the best decision out of the given resources.

Generally, one must seek guidance and consultation from an expert individual or a firm whenever it has to opt for the artificial grass placement in the house or elsewhere. The Lush Turf Solutions has been doing this job since long in Australia, providing the high quality synthetic grass options to the plethora of its customers across the country. Their experienced team of technicals ensures the quality of fittings is up to the mark and long lasting. Not every vendor in the market takes long-term application approach into consideration when it comes to placement of the grass, they are more focused towards doing the job and then forget about its longevity. Therefore, when you are going to get the artificial grass installed in the house then you must take following things into consideration to be on a safe side, such as:


One must consider the usage of the artificial grass gold coast while choosing the product because if the traffic on the patches would be too much then it would corrode earlier than expected. Similarly, if there are kids playing outdoors quite a few times during a day or people passing by it more frequently or you have a dog running across it every now and then; you should consider picking up a premium grass turf instead of the regular one else you might have to get it changed sooner in the short run.

Quality Matters 

Artificial grass Australia is one such thing which should be bought in highly good quality to make it a good investment. Reason being, it will give you a lot of benefits in the long run as compared to its low cost and poor quality counterpart. A good quality turf has well-stitched tufts, even backing and color consistency. These also tend to be softer and lesser abrasive; therefore, always go for the quality instead of cost benefits when it comes to this product.

Blade Length 

People generally prefer to choose higher blade lengths over the smaller ones as they assume that the garden would look natural with lengthier pieces but the downfall of this decision is, it will lay flat after a while and you have to raise it again by sweeping it with the broom every now and then. On the other hand, the blade length for artificial grass in Australia has to be between 30 mm to 37mm, this will give your garden a natural look with the lesser amount of effort required to raise the blades.

Weight & Density 

The weight and density are important factors in determining the quality of the artificial grass in Australia if the number of synthetic yarns per square feet of the tuft is higher than the quality would be higher too and so as more expensive. Same is the case with weight, the more it is, the better and more pricey it would be.

Colour Inconsistency 

Never fall for the consistent colour artificial grass Gold Coast because they tend to give unnatural look to your garden and also happen to be economical and of poor quality. Instead, go for the grass that has varying shades of greens in order to make your garden look more lush and natural.


Generally the more high quality the product the, the more expensive it would be but the maintenance cost of such product would be lesser. So while making the purchase decision, you should also consider the area where it has to be placed, weather conditions, amount of debris that falls off on it, to name a few. The more durable a product would be, the more easily it would be able to handle the maintenance requiring hits.

There are different types of infills available in the market which are needed to be applied to the structure to form a base. Instead of going for the sand or gravel, you should consult with the professionals  to recommend you something better than that as per the requirement of your site.