Browse Through Igrab.Com for The Best Handles and Knobs in Australia 

By June 20, 2022Ecommerce

At Igrab, the belief that the company works on is that all bathrooms and kitchens should be beautiful and a place for refuge during difficult times. If you are having a bad day, you either go have a nice hot bath or dive into your comfort food, thus making bathrooms and kitchens some of the most important rooms in the house, second obviously to your bedroom! 

But what makes these rooms beautiful? The key to making a room beautiful is to install the perfect accessories that it needs. Adding even one new but perfect accessory can make the biggest difference. It can completely change the way a room looks and feels.  

No matter if you love sleek bath towel hooks or prefer Hampton style kitchen handles, Igrab will help you curate the room of your dreams. so, why wait any further? 


Igrab is an online retail store that specializes in the selling of all sorts of handles and knobs, anything and everything related to handles and knobs, from bath towel hooks to Hampton style kitchen handle. They have got everything you might need to curate the kitchen/bathroom of your dreams.  

Igrab was established in 2012 and is a company based in Sydney. Over the years they have gained a reputation for providing the best quality knobs and handles with great customer service, all the while being budget-friendly. The company operates as both, a product and service based on because they try to stand by its ethical values while dealing with customers.  

To cater to the promise of being budget-friendly, Igrab provides its customers with a range of the best quality products in different price ranges, such as more simple bath towel hooks to named products like Hampton style kitchen handles. This way, customers can still have the benefit of choosing while also remaining within their budget range. It is the best of both worlds! 

Igrab has a range of products that they offer, out of which customers can browse on their online website to choose the ones that they need. Each product has pictorial references as well as specifications mentioned such as size, material, and color.  

Some of the product categories available at Igrab are:  

  • Furniture hardware 
  • Kitchen accessories – such as Hampton style kitchen handles 
  • Bathroom accessories – such as bath towel hooks 
  • Cabinet handles 


Bath towel hooks are such a convenient and stylish way to save space because they are so compact and can be placed anywhere. Once a towel is hung on it, the room still looks clean and put together. They are a great investment because they require almost no maintenance and will probably last for years.  

Igrab has the best range of bath towel hooks you might find because their options are clean, stylish, classy yet functional. Their range is so versatile, that whatever bathroom aesthetic you have going on, you will find something that fits in.  

In addition to bath towel hooks, Igrab also has an option of towel rails so that your bathroom can look all cohesive and put together. From black bath towel hooks to a neutral aesthetic and a classy metallic look, Igrab has it all.  


Hampton style kitchen handles have become quite a popular product recently and worry not, Igrab has them in store. The Hampton style kitchen handles are premium kitchen handles within Igrab’s vintage collection. They come from a brand called KT&CO and they are available at Igrab in three different colors: polished chrome and PVD gold and satin nickel (matt). 

The Hampton style kitchen handles are made of Zinc Alloy, and they are available in different sizes as well. A helpful size chart is also available on the Igrab website.  

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Igrab’s website which is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. A customer service inquiry box is also present on the website where you can get your queries solved as soon as possible with little hassle. Igrab delivers their products all over Australia and they love to receive customer feedback to know where and how they can improve because the quality and customer satisfaction is something they take immense pride in.