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Know Your Clutch System 

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Purpose of a clutch 

The purpose of a clutch disc is to transmit the force from the engine to the manual transmission. When driving, the clutch is engaged with the gears so that transmits the power from the engine to the transmission. When the gear is changed, clutch is disengaged from the gears, which allows the shifting of the gear. Once the gear is shifted, the clutch is engaged back to the gears to transmit the force from the engine. The clutch plate often goes bad due to excessive usage. It has a defined period of life after which, it needs to be replaced. However, some clutch plates do need to be replaced earlier than usual because of excessive usage such as for one living in an area with dense traffic. Similarly, some clutch plates can last more than the expected lifetime.  

Clutch Assembly 

The clutch is more than just a plate for transmission. It contains a set of components that make the functioning of the system possible. Following are the main components of clutch plate. There might be fewer or some extra components in the clutch system of your vehicle, depending on the model. Nevertheless, following are the basic components of a clutch system.  

  • The clutch disc 
  • Cables 
  • Linkages 
  • Pressure plates 
  • Bearings 
  • Clutch fork 
  • Hydraulic mechanism 
  • Flywheel 

All of these components work together to make the functioning of the clutch possible. Although they are designed to last a long life, they do worn out with time. This depends on the usage of the car and more importantly, the traffic. The frequency of pulling and pressing the clutch and the overall usage determines the lifetime of the components. When a malfunction finally occurs, the inclusion of so many components makes it difficult to spot the cause of the failure. However, there are signs that you can use to diagnose the cause of the problem. Being familiar with these signs will save you from replacing a perfectly fine component.

Common S Clutch problems and their signs 

The engine races, but the car doesn’t go with it 

This is usually the result of a worn out clutch plate. This problem is known as clutch slippage. In this problem, the car accelerates but the vehicle moves very slowly. The worn out clutch plate has less surface to grip the flywheel and pressure make, which results in slipping motion, hence the name ‘clutch slippage’.  While the worn out clutch is the most common cause of clutch slippage, it is not the only possible cause of it. There could be issue with linkage adjustment, pressure plate or any cable.  

Difficulty in shifting the reverse gear 

Difficulty in shifting into reverse gear can be a result of linkage problem or damaged clutch plate.  

Unable to shift into any gear 

Not being able to shift is a serious problem. It could be a result of a problem in the hydraulic system. On the mechanical part, it could be a problem of bearing or linkage or any other part of assembly.  

Noise from the Clutch Pedal 

If you hear noise from the clutch plate, it could be a problem with the lubrication of the system. Over time, the lubrication dries out which results in light noise when pulling or pushing the clutch pedal. Whether your car supports a hydraulic clutch system or mechanical, either way the most probably cause is the drying of lubrication.  

Noise only when the car is neutral 

If you hear some noise when the car is in neutral but the noise stops when you release the clutch pedal, this could be sign of problem with the input shaft bearing.  

Clutch problem in new Subaru Brz 

If you’ve just bought Subaru Brz and the Subaru brz clutch is annoying you due to the dead travel before the pedal comes into effect, you’re not alone in this. By the default settings, the pedal has a high engagement point which can be annoying for some users. However, you can get it adjusted from a mechanic in no time. Different cars have different levels of engagement points, which is why there is a variation in the engagement points in different cars. This can be easily adjusted by a mechanic in no time.

Full River Battery- Meeting Your Battery Needs 

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Full River is a company with expertise in the all kinds of batteries. The company has been operating since 1995 and has climbed the ladder of success since then, currently holding distributors across the globe. The company primarily operates in USA, UK, China and Asia. Unlike many battery manufacturers and suppliers, Fullriver Batteries  follows the complete process of manufacturing and selling the batteries itself. From grid casting, plate pasting, assembling to supplying the battery to the clients, complete process is done by the company itself which is the reason for its reliable quality control and unbeatable prices. Since there’s no third party involved, the prices are considerably lower at this company. The number of certifications including ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001, speak for the quality standards maintained by the engineers. The manufacturing facility covers a wide area of 800,000 square feet, producing the complete range of 2, 6, 7 and 12 volt batteries. However, the company has not restricted its expertise to the batteries only. They also manufacture battery chargers and cover a wide range of it.

Buying is a battery can be expensive and maintaining it can be exhausting. Keeping in view the comfort of the client, the batteries designed at Full River are expected to last longer than the other batteries available. These batteries offer more times of recharge than the competitor batteries. The basic purpose behind making them last longer is to lessen the burden of the client from having to worry about the maintenance or replacement of the battery.

The Range of Selection options 

The Full River battery manages a user-friendly website where one can surf through and select the most suitable battery as per their requirement. One can select the battery by the ‘series’, ‘voltage’ and ‘application’ of the battery. The same options are available for the chargers. The applications defined for the batteries include Aerial work platforms, commercial trucking, electric vehicles, marine vehicles, renewable energy systems and few other. User can select through these applications and choose the right battery for them. If not, a dedicated team is there to helm the user with the right selection as per the requirement.
The battery by voltage is usually the most common method of selecting the battery, once you know the type of battery required. The volts depend on the electrical energy that is required by the application and keeping that in consideration, the right battery is installed to meet the energy needs.

In the series column, there is DC series, Full Force Series and Full throttle Series. These will be discussed below.

Deep Cycle Series (DC Series)   

The Deep Cycle batteries are carefully designed and manufactured for the longest possible lifetime. Due to the sensitivity of the batteries to the environment, the manufacturing facility standards are adjusted according to the needs of the environment of the application. But overall, the batteries produced here are modified to offer maximum life-span. One of the differences between a local battery and the DC battery manufactured at these well-equipped facilities is the usage of heavier plates that offer significantly increased reserve capacity. These modifications have enabled these batteries to be used for nearly every application, ranging from a stationary solar power generation system to a vibrating boat or the back of a truck. Whatever the application may be, no matter how rough, there is a deep cycle battery that is tested for it.

Full Force Batteries 

The full force batteries are mostly the choice for the users looking for general purpose batteries for their cars or solar system or even UPS. The full force batteries manufactured at the Full River Battery are exceptional for their quality standards and extended life times. These batteries also offer better resistance to variations in temperatures and vibrations. Moreover, these batteries cost less than the batteries from other manufacturers as they go from scratch to final product under a single company. This significantly reduces the cost of the battery as there are no cuts and commissions of the third-parties.

Full Throttle Batteries 

For your need of a battery that goes into your vehicle and bears the excessive vibration and tough off-roading, Full Throttle battery will meet your demands. These batteries are designed to last high speeds, off-roading, winches, bouncing hydraulics and basically all the systems that require extremely tough operating conditions.

To sum it up, if you need a battery for your vehicle or any purpose that involves rough usage then Full Throttle is the battery that you can blindly rely on to get through the toughest of the conditions.

Here Are The Best Tips For Car Washing

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Car washing is one of the must-do jobs that many Australians leave for the weekend. Though when you work throughout the week then you cannot really go through the detailed process of self-car-washing at home in particular. As a result, you rush to the nearest car wash professional to do the job for you.

Aussies are very peculiar about the cleanliness of their cars but on one end, it is difficult for them to take care of the periodic car wash routine while on the other hand, there are few precautionary measures that they must take to enhance the life of car wash and cleanliness for their own convenience.

There are many professional car washers available in Melbourne, offering a range of services at different prices to the locals but Prime Finish is one of the best car detailers in the area which does not only provide you with top notch car washing facility and service but also give easy-to-follow car cleaning tips to its customers for managing the car maintenance all by themselves.

Few of such tips are given below to increase the life of your best car wash Melbourne:

Pick a Right Time

If you have decided to give your car a self-wash then you should figure out the right time to do so by considering the weather conditions in Melbourne. On hot days, do not wash your car because the chemicals you will use could leave a grainy effect on the body of the car in the extreme heat. Bold color cars absorb so much heat that while washing them you can not only burn your hands but also damage the exterior of your car.

Generally, Prime Finish car washer ensures that their clients do not get into any such situation by providing them with a proper and detailed post-car-wash consulting session.

Dust-Off Interior First

The professional car washers in Australia recommend cleaning the interior of the car first in order to prepare the exterior for the wash. So, start with the storage spaces inside the car and clean them, empty the ashtray, check under the seats for any wrappers or plastic bottles, clean the mats as per their material type. In shorts, go with a quick dusting routine inside the car.

Vacuum Clean the Inside

Once done with the quick dusting, now is the time to bring the vacuum cleaner to save the day for you. Generally, a compressed air canister works better to remove the dirt and grit from every nook and cranny of your car. It would be best if you would opt out for that while car detailing at home in Melbourne.

The most difficult thing to get rid of during the interior cleaning process is the puppy or cat hair. Therefore, while using a vacuum, wrap a tape around your fingers while its adhesive side is outwards then, use it to pick the pet’s hair from inside the car. It is a pro tip to ensure the best car cleaning.

Next comes, dash and instruments of the car, be very delicate with them while cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to clean such things or a specialized upholstery product to serve the purpose at hand. Do not use the shine-enhancing spray on these things to avoid excessive glaring and slipperiness.

Clean the Doors 360 Degree

Prime Finish always urges its clients to wash the door openings and sills with a piece of cloth and water bucket while cleaning the car at home in Melbourne. Reason being, professionals take care of the cleaning of these parts but at home, we can ignore them quite easily. But it is best to give a particular attention to them as they are important to complete the cleaner look of the car.

Wash the Exterior

The pro tip is to use the professional solution to wash the exterior of your car, the main contributor to the overall look of the car. You can start the best car wash Melbourne by pouring water at the bottom of the car if it is dirtier so solid patches of dirt could chip off. Then start with the solution from the top of the car then going down towards the sides, front and rear part. Never use a detergent to do the job at hand as it could damage any protective layer on the paint. One more thing, if you figure out any stubborn spots on the car then do not keep rubbing them off rather use tar or clay bar to get rid of them else you will end up damaging the exterior.

While washing at home, do not try to use the wax on the exterior of your car as it is something that you should leave for the professionals like Prime Finish to take care of you. Because there are technicalities and precautions involved with the waxing of the car that we cannot understand. Moreover, a car should be waxed 2-3 times a year while maintenance of the wax should be taken care of throughout the year. Your car washer in Melbourne would guide you on this.