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Should You Really Be An Automotive Technician In Australia?

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The appeal of working in Australia is real – the places and the people are great; you get respect for what you do, good remuneration, loads of benefits and everything tend to feel just right in the land of sun and surfing. Should you really go for that car technician job though? You have the skill and probably the training too, but what exactly should you expect of it?

The average salaries

Once you get the job, you can expect an average gross earning of about $1,000 per week. Eventually, what you are left with, summed up for the whole year, amounts to $31,000 if you’re a beginner. The average annual salary stands at $42,000 while a senior in this field earns an estimated amount of $57,000 per annum. The more experience you have and the better the skills, the higher your salary goes. Sure, this also depends on what the employer can offer. The biggest chances of employment are in NSW.

Work opportunities

Once you’ve made it into the business, a world of opportunity opens up to you. You may even start your own service shop if you’re daring. However, you can have access to a wide range of jobs across the country, in different environments. You may join a workshop to service cars or even a dealership, a car sale lot or a repair centre; it is possible to work for local authorities or governmental institutions or cater to the various existing fleets of vehicles. Still, the most promising and fruitful area is that of mechanical repairs Sunshine, whether it is concerned with regular cars or with large vehicles, such as trucks.

Current employment situation

Indeed, over the past 5 years the situation hasn’t been too promising in Australia, with its 21% decline. There is a changing trend, however. 2017 is expected to bring growth, a vigorous one actually. You may choose to work full-time or opt for a part-time job. However, the latter isn’t a frequently encountered situation in Australia in this niche.

The easy way to get qualified

If you’re not yet fully certified for the job, know that you can obtain the required certifications in simple ways. For extra training, you may choose Open University learning on the Internet, which allows you to cater to your daily activities too, besides the educational ones. It’s a highly convenient form. Get in contact with the Motor Trade Association of the area you’re in, the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

The skills you really need

Being handy with the tools and a genius at Go A Grade car repairs is not enough to make you a good technician. You must not forget about the requirement to interact with your clients and understand their problems. You have to be a good listener and be effective at troubleshooting. Additionally, your knowledge and communication skills should enable you to answer any questions customers may have. Be ready to do maintenance work as well.

If you are a foreigner who wants to settle in Australia to become a technician, then make sure you have enough patience. It is a lengthy process that involves waiting for a visa to allow you to live and work there. However, it is a fair one and everyone seems to be happy with the effort.