Choosing The Right Lock For Your Home

By August 14, 2018Business Services

Do you know that no matter how advanced your home security system is, it will never be secure enough if you didn’t pay attention to the locks you have used? Good locks are extremely important and are a crucial step towards keeping the unwanted people and obviously the bad guys at bay. In this day and age, with every passing day, home security is becoming a major concern for the tenants and the homeowner. How can you know you have the best locks fitted to your home, and the types of locks are exactly the ones you wanted? With so many options available in the market, you can often find yourself spoilt for choice. There are times when you question which one suits your door the best and will be the safest of all. Identification is the key here, as picking out the best locking will not only help secure your home from the intruders, but will be a solid secure investment in a long run. Now that you have understood the importance of having a right sort of lock at your door, it is also about time you understand which lock serves what purpose exactly. We are explaining some types of locks and what are they best used for. 

Let’s start off with padlocks; they are available in a variety of sizes and are the most easily recognisable of all. They are best for fixing at the doors of your home, as there are multiple padlocks that work on one key. It means that you can save money and the hassle of carrying multiple keys and secure your whole home with just one. If you are sensitive about the security, the padlocks come in different types too. There are padlocks sensitive to motion and alarm padlocks, which make a siren when a wrong key is inserted. However, the former can easily be duplicated, so your Locksmith Morphett Vale will be able to guide you further about the installation best practices.  

There are knobs too, which are usually installed on exterior doors alongside the usage of deadbolts. Keep in mind that though knobs are commonly used, they are seldom used alone. What this means is that knobs can never be used for external security, because the lock mechanism is in the knob itself. They can be broken off the door or bypassed using pliers, so they can only be used in your house. On the other hand, if you are serious regarding the security, the dead locks are a suitable option. The deadbolt locks can make a door resistant to the entry with the wrong key, because they cannot be opened except by rotating the lock cylinder with the key. When paired with a night latch, they work best. If you are more particular about the security or do not want to get into the hassle of passing keys to each other, get a numbered keypad lock. It is more secure, adds convenience and provides added accessibility too. Just make sure that use a strong key code and pass it on to only trustworthy friends and family. 

Similar to these, we have finger print locks as well. The name in itself suggests what the locks are all about. Those with recognized and registered fingerprints with the lock will be able to get an access and entry to your house. Though these types of locks are mostly used in offices and high-security areas, but if you want to increase the security of your home, they are a good option. If this intensity of security isn’t enough for you, you can also opt for security locks. These are affixed right outside the fence and can detect the motion. The workings of these locks are highly technical, so you would definitely need an expert to walk you through the pros and cons, and if you really need to install these locks or not.  

Lastly, there are furniture locks which include a variety of lock types for desks, cabinets, and sliding doors etc. Mostly, they come in two styles; bolt and push button. Furniture locks can easily be installed into your house’s existing hardware that already do not have a lock mechanism. So, this was it for the types of locks that can be used for and at your home. Now, make the best choice considering the type of security you require.