City Shelving- Melbourne’s best Industrial Shelving Solutions! 

City Shelving has been serving our clients for more than 20 years now, so you can be certain that we know our business. Whether you simply need a narrows of modern racking or a total raised stockpiling region, we will invest similar devoted energy into providing you with the best answer for your requirements as in form of pallet racking for sale. We care about tracking down you the right item, and need you fulfilled working with us. 

What we do? 

Our experience empowers us to get to the base of your stockpiling issues to acquire efficiencies and use accessible space to boost your raised storage area potential. We have introduced many brought stockpiling regions up in Adelaide where clients were thinking about moving into bigger premises. Our raised stockpiling regions have multiplied capacity limit in their current structure. 

With top notch items and brands that you can depend on, we can finish an entire distribution center fit out. This could incorporate bed racking, modern racking, work seats, cupboards, storage spaces, materials taking care of and pallet racking for sale security items. Look at our client tasks and tributes to see a portion of our followed through with tasks and fulfilled clients. 

Mini Span: 

City Shelving’s Mini Span is the ideal arrangement when you really want to store anything from little parts to weighty containers. Small Span is quick and simple to set up, and involves a secluded plan with a productive lock-in framework like raised storage area that requires no devices, giving you greatest capacity in practically no time. 

Smaller than usual Span racks can be effortlessly changed in 50mm augmentations to your necessities as loading designs change. Scaled down Span is an all steel item offering strength and sturdiness. Blue or white casings and bars supporting white built up steel boards which slip into recessed radiates for that flush completion. There are 1800mm wide bars @ 250kgUDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) per level. The heap evaluations increment as pillar widths decline. 

Smaller than usual Span is flexible and has a wide scope of utilizations as shop racking, grocery store racks and for a wide range of capacity frameworks. It is great for document capacity, retail show, storerooms, office regions, and furthermore for sheds, carports and pallet racking for sale. 

As a matter of fact Mini Span has a utilization pretty much anyplace there is a capacity issue to fix. Endlessly racking frameworks have never been this simple to purchase and gather. 

One of our driving long range items, called Mini Span, is the capacity and racking dynamo. It is accessible in a wide scope of sizes for modern, business, retail and carport applications. Little Span is the ideal answer for store anything from more modest things to bigger containers.  

How would we began? 

Serving clients across Australia for quite a long time, City Shelving has gained a standing as a trusted and driving business racking, bed racking and capacity supplier. 

Starting in 1992, City Shelving began by selling a fundamental determination of office furniture and pallet racking for sale. Additional time, City Shelving acquainted capacity items with its reach. The organization has now sunk into another office and stockroom office on Port Road, The Barton, and South Australia. 

Expert Team: 

City Shelving can give master guidance, proposals and plan interview for all your capacity needs. Furthermore we likewise direct racking assessments and security review confirmations in accordance with Australian Standards AS4084, Steel Storage Racking. 

With a committed and experienced group across Sales, Account Management, Project Management and Installation, we can give an answer for suit each necessity for your raised storage area organization. 

Wonderful Solutions: 

We have experience leading establishments from little homegrown clients to enormous business venture projects. From structural consideration of pallet racking for sale and tailor made plan to new fit outs and migrations, City Shelving is comprehensive and straightforward with an active methodology in meeting through to definite fit-out. 


So whether you want brought capacity up in Adelaide, bed racking, drive in racking, cantilever or even link racking, we take care of you. Need some modern racking in Sydney or Melbourne? That is not an issue either as we transport Australia wide. You wouldn’t believe how practical it very well may be. Assuming you are running out of space, you’re at the perfect locations – call now. Try not to get left on the rack.