Digital TV Antennas – Know It All! 

By October 1, 2018Business Services

The advent of information technology has revolutionized life in every dimension of it, even the way you watch TV in recent times. You might be able to recall rabbit antenna from the times of your grandmother then satellite, cable, and set-top boxes appeared on the scene and followed a complete phase of acceptance and ubiquity in its own way.

Now digital TV and antennas have become a talk of the town with all its perks and attractions. However, mounting TVs and arranging antennas are still those tasks which require a professional hand to deal with them. A layman cannot trigger the task and set up the aisle of entertainment himself even if a manual has been given.

AntennaGenie in Australia has been serving the masses since long on the subject matter and the need of professionalism in this field. Their wide and diverse range of satisfied customers have made them a household name being promoted by the government itself. Their respective expertise in the field of Digital Antennas, all things TV, set-top boxes and reception problems have earned them a huge credibility in the market. Considering this below are explained a few things which would help you in knowing your digital antennas better for maintenance purpose in the future, such as:

Broadcast Signals Are Superior 

One must know that the digital TV antenna Wollongong signals are far superior to that of the satellite or cable ones that too without any subscription fees. As OTA (over the air) signals are free of cost and higher in sound and visual quality because these are not needed to compressed as in the case of TV or cable. Hence, opting for digital TV is a great choice.

Local Channels 

With the help of a digital TV antenna in Australia you do not only watch all the conventional channels but it could capture signals of those localized channels as well which do not broadcast on satellite and cable otherwise such as local news channel, sports TV, kids channels, cooking ones or the classic tv, to name a few.

Free OTA Channels 

You should bear in the mind that all the major broadcast channels in Australia do not need to subscribe for signals over the air, rather the majority of these are free. Because such service is being paid by the advertisers instead of the subscribers, therefore, you can enjoy the free signals at its alter unlike that of the cable or satellite subscription.


All digital antennas in Australia are pretty much the same in nature, the only difference between the interchangeably used HD and FHD is the uncompression of the signals by the digital antenna. As compression affects the quality of sound and visual; therefore, the lesser compression an antenna gives to the signals the better the quality would be. This is the main reason why on some digital TVs, quality is very standard while on others it is in full HD. It is ideal to consult with an expert before making a purchase such as AntennaGenie in order to ensure that your spending is being used to serve the purpose at hand optimally.

Lesser Signal Interruption 

Digital TV Antenna Wollongong is a great source to stay abreast of the latest happenings around during the bad weather day or when the cable or satellite blacks out. Because OTA signals would stay there just like the radio signals and frequencies. Generally, people use the digital tv antennas along with the cable or satellite TV to complement the holistic dose of entertainment without any interruption at any given time in Australia.

Deflection Affects 

While placing antennas one should know that digital signals are the sight of line signals, the higher the antenna is, the better the reception would be. Any kind of obstruction in between the tower and antenna could lead to the weaker signal resulting in an interrupted broadcast. Therefore, it is advised to get a professional aboard to set the reception of antenna for you so you could later enjoy the uninterrupted service without having to curse anyone or anything.

The general rule of enjoying the digital TV is setting up the antennas outdoor to receive strengthened signals. Also, try to avoid too many junctions in the installation as they would lead to signal loss. Direct connections always serve better and vice versa. Lastly, know that every time when a signal is split, strength is lost, therefore, you might be needing a low-noise amplifier to make up for the weaker signal and the reduced quality.