Everything about criminal lawyer 

By March 17, 2022Legal Services

Criminal lawyers are in charge of executing or defending someone suspected of committing a crime. They must operate in a neutral and impartial manner to guarantee that the legal rights of individuals being prosecuted are protected and that they are treated fairly in the face of the law. Criminal lawyers in Liverpool are the most commonly featured legal practitioners in films and television dramas, yet their demanding careers are not usually shown. 

What is the definition of criminal law? 

Criminal law establishes the definitions of criminal offences as well as the rules and policies that apply when they are committed. Criminal law prohibits morally reprehensible behaviour that endangers the public’s welfare and property. Everything from murder, theft, and destruction to motor crime, financial fraud, and terrorism falls under this category. 

The criminal law system is divided into two sections. The law is used to regulate citizen behaviour, but it also aids persons in understanding the consequences of their actions. This is because criminal law encompasses both the prosecution and rehabilitation of individuals who break the law. 

What is the role of a criminal lawyer? 

Due to the wide nature of the profession and the vastness of criminal law, there is no one blueprint detailing the job description for a Criminal Lawyer. In the subject of criminal law, there are various distinct sorts of solicitors, which we will discuss below: 

Legal Counselling 

By presenting their case in court, a Criminal Defence Solicitor assists someone who is accused or charged with a crime in guaranteeing that their legal rights are protected and that they receive a fair trial. 

Typical responsibilities of a Criminal Defence Lawyer include: 

  • Acting as an advocate for defendants throughout the course of a criminal prosecution, from the first police investigation through the presentation of their case in court. 
  • Providing telephone and face-to-face counsel to customers. 
  • Examining evidence relating to a crime and the case, such as witness accounts, police statements, forensic reviews, and medical records, among other things. 
  • Conducting investigations, planning, and research. 
  • Communicating with defendants in jails and police stations. 
  • Legal document preparation. 
  • Providing the accused with a thorough, accurate, and convincing defence. 

Prosecution of Crimes 

A Crown Prosecutor or Prosecution Lawyer is in charge of representing the case against persons who have been charged with a crime. 

A prosecutor’s position differs from that of a defence attorney not just in terms of who they represent, but also in terms of whether or not to prosecute the guilty and take the matter to court. A prosecutor’s responsibilities include the following: 

  • Reviewing police evidence and determining if criminal charges should be pursued. 
  • Collaborating with paralegal and admin teams on a regular basis. 
  • Interacting with law enforcement, rehabilitation, and other authorities. 
  • Communicating with court personnel and Criminal Defence Attorneys. 
  • Assuring that criminal offenders are treated fairly. 

Duty to the State 

A Criminal Duty Solicitor is another form of Criminal Defence Lawyer. Duty Solicitors represent those accused of crimes who don’t have access to a lawyer, such as when they’re in police custody. Because the Legal Services Commission, the state agency in charge of administering Legal Aid, pays for their services, they are free. 

Neither the courts nor the police force hire Criminal Duty Solicitors. They work for a group of Solicitors to guarantee that the accused’s legal rights are protected. A Duty Solicitor can assist persons who have been detained or arrested by the police, and also escort them to their first appearance in court. They are unable to assist if the accused already has a lawyer, is in the middle of a trial, or has been charged with a crime that does not carry a sentence of imprisonment. 

Duties include: 

  • Monitoring an offender’s legal rights.  
  • Assisting the accused with assistance and advice. 
  • Outlining the possible outcomes of the case. 

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