Here Are The Best Tips For Car Washing

By August 16, 2018Auto Services

Car washing is one of the must-do jobs that many Australians leave for the weekend. Though when you work throughout the week then you cannot really go through the detailed process of self-car-washing at home in particular. As a result, you rush to the nearest car wash professional to do the job for you.

Aussies are very peculiar about the cleanliness of their cars but on one end, it is difficult for them to take care of the periodic car wash routine while on the other hand, there are few precautionary measures that they must take to enhance the life of car wash and cleanliness for their own convenience.

There are many professional car washers available in Melbourne, offering a range of services at different prices to the locals but Prime Finish is one of the best car detailers in the area which does not only provide you with top notch car washing facility and service but also give easy-to-follow car cleaning tips to its customers for managing the car maintenance all by themselves.

Few of such tips are given below to increase the life of your best car wash Melbourne:

Pick a Right Time

If you have decided to give your car a self-wash then you should figure out the right time to do so by considering the weather conditions in Melbourne. On hot days, do not wash your car because the chemicals you will use could leave a grainy effect on the body of the car in the extreme heat. Bold color cars absorb so much heat that while washing them you can not only burn your hands but also damage the exterior of your car.

Generally, Prime Finish car washer ensures that their clients do not get into any such situation by providing them with a proper and detailed post-car-wash consulting session.

Dust-Off Interior First

The professional car washers in Australia recommend cleaning the interior of the car first in order to prepare the exterior for the wash. So, start with the storage spaces inside the car and clean them, empty the ashtray, check under the seats for any wrappers or plastic bottles, clean the mats as per their material type. In shorts, go with a quick dusting routine inside the car.

Vacuum Clean the Inside

Once done with the quick dusting, now is the time to bring the vacuum cleaner to save the day for you. Generally, a compressed air canister works better to remove the dirt and grit from every nook and cranny of your car. It would be best if you would opt out for that while car detailing at home in Melbourne.

The most difficult thing to get rid of during the interior cleaning process is the puppy or cat hair. Therefore, while using a vacuum, wrap a tape around your fingers while its adhesive side is outwards then, use it to pick the pet’s hair from inside the car. It is a pro tip to ensure the best car cleaning.

Next comes, dash and instruments of the car, be very delicate with them while cleaning. You can use a damp cloth to clean such things or a specialized upholstery product to serve the purpose at hand. Do not use the shine-enhancing spray on these things to avoid excessive glaring and slipperiness.

Clean the Doors 360 Degree

Prime Finish always urges its clients to wash the door openings and sills with a piece of cloth and water bucket while cleaning the car at home in Melbourne. Reason being, professionals take care of the cleaning of these parts but at home, we can ignore them quite easily. But it is best to give a particular attention to them as they are important to complete the cleaner look of the car.

Wash the Exterior

The pro tip is to use the professional solution to wash the exterior of your car, the main contributor to the overall look of the car. You can start the best car wash Melbourne by pouring water at the bottom of the car if it is dirtier so solid patches of dirt could chip off. Then start with the solution from the top of the car then going down towards the sides, front and rear part. Never use a detergent to do the job at hand as it could damage any protective layer on the paint. One more thing, if you figure out any stubborn spots on the car then do not keep rubbing them off rather use tar or clay bar to get rid of them else you will end up damaging the exterior.

While washing at home, do not try to use the wax on the exterior of your car as it is something that you should leave for the professionals like Prime Finish to take care of you. Because there are technicalities and precautions involved with the waxing of the car that we cannot understand. Moreover, a car should be waxed 2-3 times a year while maintenance of the wax should be taken care of throughout the year. Your car washer in Melbourne would guide you on this.