At Container Co. Australia, we have a diverse team of professionals who not only believe in providing product and services at competitive prices, but they are also trained to give complete customer service experience to clients looking to high cube shipping containers. The high cube shipping containers have a variety of variants that not only puzzle the clients during the selection phase, but also make the clients question the difference in quality. Therefore, our trained staff at Container Co. Australia encourages the clients to give the best advice when it comes to selection of high cube shipping containers. These containers are responsible for shipping the high-quality goods from one port of shipper to the port of the buyer. 

Container Co. Australia believes in increasing the capital of our business on word of mouth basis and therefore we encourage our clients to ask as many questions about shipping container hire as possible because this not only opens new avenues for the customer to discover, but also makes the customers of Container Co. Australia our very own ambassadors. The clients of Container Co. Australia that turn into ambassadors, make the marketing job easier for shipping container hire and therefore we benefit from our client’s base. We make sure that the clients looking for shipping container hire in Sydney not only save time but also get the maximum value on money. This makes them happy to return and shop with Container Co. Australia. 


As the shipping containers have standardised, the different modes of shipments are being used such as rails, trains and ships. Since the container sizes have been standardised, it has been easier to ship the goods from one place to another without worrying about the size of the containers. Due to the standardisation, the efficiency of the shipment process has increased, and the economies start to prosper accordingly. Different things ranging from small food containers to large size animals are shipped through these containers.  


There are a huge variety of shipping containers that are used in the transportation industry. This makes the process of logistics effective and efficient. 

  1. Containers having flat racks 
  1. Containers having open sides 
  1. Containers with open roof tops 
  1. Containers having the provision to refrigerate 
  1. Containers having dry storage 

A shipping container should be made with the most reliable material and therefore the team at Container Co. Australia is trained to be of great exposure and increase the efficiency of the shipment process. The units that are being processed need to be of higher value and therefore they do not have any impact on them in terms of quality. Any vendor that does not have enough good to fill up the container fully, they can choose to opt for LCL shipment in which their goods are kept at port and similar size shipments are clubbed to be shipped in a single shipment. This gives the sender the chance to save money and space and reach the goods on time. The cost of LCL is relatively lesser than FCL shipments. LCL stands for Less Container Load and FCL stands for Full Container Load. 

The distributor and the consignee usually reach a mutual agreement in the pricing of the container. There are several ways in which the claim is settled and therefore there is a high chance that either one of them must pay for the shipment. The goods that are transported by the sender are usually paid on different LC terms and therefore a lot of people opt for this position. As mentioned earlier, we at Container Co. Australia provide the containers at very market competitive prices. This makes sure that the clients are presented with no hurdle in terms of prices and their job is done at the best prices and most value. Container Co. Australia is here at your service. Call us today for the best quotation for containers on hire and get the most market competitive quotation. We make sure that our clients not only get the most best price products but also best service.