How to Choose Your Primary Care Doctor at the Medical Centers in Australia? 

By August 10, 2018Medical Services

It is very important to take care of one’s health and the precautionary measures required for it. Anyone could come across a medical emergency in Australia, you can only help in such a situation if you know where to take the patient and to whom. Therefore, choosing your primary care doctor is very important to ensure a security of survival in such situations.  

Generally, every area in Australia has its own medical centres to cater to the basic needs of patients but being aware of them and the ease of access to the doctors is what define the valuable healthcare facilities to the Aussies.  

Not every medical centre is operating 7 days a week or 24 hours a day, many of those operate from Monday till Friday with varying opening and closing hours. Gympie Road Medical Centre is one of the easily accessible medical facilities of the area providing a wide array of allied health care services to the patients 7 days a week. They have a number of doctors available to serve the needs of patients; however, despite the easy accessibility, it is better to have your primary care doctor chosen over here. To do that below is given a list of things that you should consider before signing up with the doctor to take care of your medical needs or that of your family. 

Determine the Family Medical Needs 

The first thing is to evaluate the basic medical needs of your family and then choose the doctor based on its speciality. The most common specialities to choose from are family practitioners who provide basic health care needs such as paediatric, gynaecological, medical as well as surgical to any age group. Then we have internists who treat medical conditions which are not related to surgery or gynaecology. OB/GYN caters to the women related medical issues such as childbirth, pregnancy conditions, or things related to the reproductive system. Child specialists are trained to take care of the needs of infants, teenagers or kids. Therefore, it is important to choose your doctor in Australia as per the required expertise and speciality.  

Ask for Recommendation 

One of the widely used ways to choose your basic care doctor is to ask around from your friends, family, and acquaintances to recommend someone. You can also check the in-network doctors which are mentioned in the insurance coverage. Out-of-network doctors Strathpine usually charge more or you can look for someone who accepts your insurance coverage to make things easier on your pocket. 

Association with The Hospital 

The association or affiliation of the doctor with a reputed hospital in Australia also adds a lot of value to its credentials and hence, make the decision making easier for you. So after following the first two steps, you should further shortlist the doctor based on its association with any of the renowned or most commonly used hospital or medical center. This will help you in getting quicker and easier access to advance facilities like cancer treatment, cardiovascular care, and surgical procedures, to name a few. 


It is a key to choosing what you want, when and by whom. Your chosen doctor should be easily accessible to you. Therefore, the location of the availability matters, if it is in the proximity to your office or house then it is a blessing as you can make the frequent visits and stay updated on your healthcare needs. However, if the doctor is located in a far-off area then visit by appointment and ensure that some other doctor is there to attend you in case of the unavailability of your family doctor. Gympie Road Medical Centre has a group of Australian doctors to attend you as per requirements when needed, patient histories are timely updated to so medical help can be vouched in cases of emergencies.

One on One Meeting

It is critically important to meet the prospective doctor in person so you could assess and evaluate. Also, visit the medical centre or hospital and meet with the support or helping staff so you could know if you are making the right decision or not.

Another important aspect that we generally ignore while choosing doctors in Australia is considering our comfort level of opening up in front of them. As a result, patients could not express themselves properly to the assigned doctor and feel ignored or avoided later on. Hence, your connectivity and ease of expression would play a very vital role in determining the length of your relationship with its services. Be very peculiar about it!