How to Utilize Content Marketing to Outsmart Your Competitors?

The online market is overcrowded and everyone is trying to get a slice of the market share to enhance profits. Many small businesses are putting in considerable efforts but only a few of them are surviving. There is no guarantee that the success will continue for the players, who survived the market, in the future.

The basic thing to win the market share and continue the same trend is through launching a quality product that everyone likes and maintaining the after sales service.

It is necessary to find out what strategies are adopted by your competitors and do the same to win and stay in the market. You can get noticed among all is through the use of informative and engaging content.

Learn about the content marketing programs used by your competitors

It is necessary to know what content competitors publish on blogs and free article databases.

How efficient is their content on social media to attract the viewers and convert them into potential buyers?

How many followers they have on social media? Are their followers on social media growing or dwindling?

What keywords do they utilize in their SEO to get listed on the first page of search engines?

How well they are going with pay per ad clicks and how much they pay for each click?

How is their organized? Is their site can handle the inbound traffic efficiently to convert the traffic into potential customers?

How they are getting links? Are the links coming from high PR sites? When have they got the links?

All these questions will help to get an idea of what your competitor is doing and how to frame your strategy to get more customers and boost revenues.

You can put in more efforts with the available resources to outsmart your competitors. You need not directly compete with them using the same techniques but follow a different approach with more advanced techniques to overtake the competitors.

How to know what your competitors are publishing?

You can subscribe to their blog or a newsletter using a personal email and details. You can create a separate folder for each competitor in the inbox for easy tracking. You can also follow each competitor on social media networks like Twitter, and Facebook etc. for more information about the competitor.

You can also establish Google Alerts for each of the competitors to know about key executives, best products, and other details. You need to spend just 10 seconds of your valuable time to set up Google Alerts. However, you need to utilize both social media and Google Alerts to get a complete understanding of the competitors’ strategy.

You can also establish a listening station on or to get more details.

Learn more details about their content published on social media using

You just need to type in the URL of the competitor on and get a list of top articles, interviews, videos, and infographics. It also helps to find how many shares of each content piece on social media. You can easily find in which piece of content most users are interested.

What Keywords helps to get first rank results on search engines?

You can make use of SEO services like SEMRush, Moz, and SpyFu to know about what website ranks and the keywords they have used. It also helps to differentiate between paid and organic traffic.

How to know about the social media following of the competitors growing or dwindling?

You can make use of Fanpage Karma to know how the content on social media performs. It also helps to find out the best and worst posts.

It is also necessary to know how they got high-quality inbound links.

You can also know about the site structure, speed and Meta tags used by the competitor with the help of tools like Mobile friendly sites and Page Speed tests of Google. It helps to know how the site of the competitor performs.

All these help to analyze the competitor and take appropriate steps to outsmart the competitor.