Is It Worth Having A Migration Agent In Australia?

Australia is among one of those countries whose visa rules are very strict and difficult to adhere by especially the ones related to work visas of skilled workers. The recent introduction of reforms in visa 482 has made it difficult to process the visa applications without getting aboard a qualified and experienced agent or lawyer. Previously, people used to do the job themselves in order to take pride in completing the process themselves or to save money by eliminating the agent onboarding step.

With the passage of time, Australian immigration granting bodies have tightened the grip around the applicants wanting to work in Australia as well as around employers who are approved to sponsor the skilled worker to Australia.

With so much going on at the migration end, it seems nearly difficult to adhere to the standards and procedures of DBIC in a correct way without letting your case be handled by an agent.  SCA Connect has been doing this on behalf of its wide range of clients since 1989. They have a proven credibility and a team of experts to deal with standard as well as specific skilled work related migration cases in Australia with finesse.

Migration agents charge hefty amounts in terms of the fee as per the case type as well as the hands-on experience. You can move between low to high experience which would affect the fee and might hit on the potential of your case as well. So the question is, is it worth having an experienced migration agent to handle your case of getting 489 visa in Australia? Below are given few reasons to resolve the debate, such as:

Visas Are Difficult To Process

People thinking that they can get along with the visa application process without having to take aboard the services of 489 visa migration agent Adelaide, do not realise that it’s a mistake unless they get into the process practically.  An experienced agent, on the other hand, is fully familiar with the types of visas, common objections, how to get along with unusual cases, understanding of both migration regulation and procedures. They ensure that your application is authentically filled and lodged in a timely manner.

Migration Rules Keep Changing

Migration rules in Australia keep on changing, it gets difficult to stay abreast of all the modifications once and for all. However, the role of a good and experienced 489 visa migration lawyer is to stay ahead of the competition and be up to do date regarding all the changes taking place in visa granting front by the government bodies. They should be able to inform and update you time to time so you could know about all the possibilities you could have.

Managing Immigration Department

Immigration department of Australia is not that user-friendly and you cannot expect too much interaction with them. They communicate electronically often, also visa applications no more have a dedicated case manager rather various teams have been handling different phases of the process so you do not have to deal with the same person throughout the case or maybe you do. Also, they tend to refuse applications if documents are not well managed and as per the requirements. On the other hand, the experienced skilled work migration agent ensures that your application is rightly filled and documents are as per the requirements. They also take care of all the prerequisites and checklists so that immigration department does not have to seek further information or documents from you quite often. Even if the department needs any further proof or papers then the agent can help you put all the things together and entertain the request by the immigration authorities in a right way.

Backup Plan

A good and efficient 489 visa migration agent Adelaide do not let you put all your eggs in one basket, rather they guide you throughout the process regarding all the ups and downs being encountered to obtain the 489 visa. If it seems impossible to get the job at hand done due to changing laws and regulations then the agent suggests other options and paths, to take you to the final destination eventually. All of this is possible if the signed up the agent is greatly experienced in the relevant visa types.

Limited Reapplication Chances

Once your application is refused then you lose on visa fee which could be in thousands of dollars. Apart from that, the department put different restrictions on different visa types once these are refused; for instance, age matters a lot in getting skilled worker visa, if you get refusal due to misinformation then you can get a ban of up to 10 years, if the rules change once you have lodged the application then you cannot re-lodge it. Considering all these difficulties, it is imperative that your application and case is impeccable and just as per the standards by the migration department. It is your agent’s most important duty to ascertain that.

It is hence suggested to seek consultation on the 489 visa in Australia from SCA Connect right from the start to be on a safe side of the road leading towards your objective. Rest assured that, it is too difficult to break through without having an experienced agent by your side.