New To Vaping? Things You Should Know Before You Buy! 

By October 19, 2018Ecommerce

If you are stepping into vaping or are new to it, everything might seem a bit confusing to you. Most of the people are left perplexed because the words associated with the products are foreign and even the ones that are otherwise used casually have completely different meaning in this industry. The sheer fact that the products are difficult to understand and the terminologies are confusing makes most of the people feel uncomfortable and foreign in the vaping world. We would suggest you to go with your instinct obviously, and that means to either choose to consider vaping or not. But, if you are really interested in vaping, ditch your discomfort and gather the confidence to learn something new. So, this post is where we will help you walk through the different components that make up the vape setup. What are the different aspects of each component, how each piece works and how to choose a vaping equipment that fits your needs. Go ahead, and read this post so you know the ins of vaping before you actually get in! 

How Does It Work? 

The first question majority of the people ask when introduced to vaping is, how does it actually work? Though the concept now has a deep penetration in the market, but the idea of vaping still sounds alien to many. But, it should be not! The question is important to ask, but it is simple yet have a complicated answer. To technically explain it, the tank of the vaping device has a liquid you choose and the cotton wicks inside to absorb the juice. When the device is activated, the coils in the tank are heated up, evaporating the juice in return. The vapor is what you inhale in the end, hence vaping is the term widely used. Even if you buy vape online Australia, and you know what a vape exactly is, the answer to how does it work is still a bit complicated to comprehend. It depends on multiple factors, including the type of device being used, the tank the device has been outfitted with, the type of the coils and a lot more. All of these should be considered before you buy a vape and start vaping. We have further broken it down and elaborated it below. 

What Is It Made Of? 

An E-Cig or a vape might seem a little complicated in structure and composition, but the system is quite simple. It easily converts liquid to vapor, but there are multiple types that depend on the need and the nature of use. The entire device in itself is called an atomiser, which has three different forms. The forms include; the clearomizer, glassomizer and cartomizer. Yes, we know that sound jargon and possibly gibberish to you, but you need to know that! There is also a battery in the E-cig, which is generally known as the tank, the coils and the mod. The mod houses the battery and it powers the device. It can either be integrated into the unit or can be replaceable. The coils are wires, which heat the e-liquid on the wicks to create the vapor you inhale. Finally, the tank holds the wicks, the heating coil and the e-juice. Having described it, people also want to find out the type of tank they should use. Here again, there are many different types of vape tanks to choose from. They all function in generally the same way. Those who are new to vaping, usually consider the volume of the tank more than anything else. However, the budget and multiple other factors also combine together while choosing the first setup. Always ask questions or research, if you are unsure about any particular aspect of your vaping device.  

When Should I Change It? 

This question can easily be rephrased to, when should I consider changing the coil? Tanks and coils are the most important components of any vape device, and they too have a lot of variations too. They will wear down with time, and will be replaced too. You can buy new coils and swap them whenever necessary, or you can use rebuildable coils that can be made on your own, but that depends on how experienced you are. When the taste and the amount of vapor isn’t up to par, you will know that it is about time you change the coils.