Put Down The Selfie Camera And Go For An Old School Photo Booth! 

By September 14, 2018Photography

Pictures have the ability to store memories for a lifetime. Whether it’s on your wedding day, your birthday or any sort of fun experience you’ve had in your life and has been caught on camera, a photo can capture that moment and save it for the rest of time. Pictures, as we know them today, are relatively new inventions. The modern day technology for crystal clear pictures makes them so much more special and you have a perfect memory saved with the best quality, and can be kept for the rest of your life. You can show the grandkids! Lavish Photo Booths Is a company which focuses on placing photo booths at special event locations for you to have some fun and have your picture take just like you have seen in the movies. We often have seen a young couple or good friends running into them and taking the wackiest and most fun pictures you can imagine. There’s a real joy to taking pictures like those and having them saved for you and the people with you to carry forever. You can hire them for your next big event and have some fun in them, all the while saving the pictures for years to come. They cater to everything from Hens parties to Bat Mitzvahs and weddings, and that’s just to name a few!

Since it’s not really common to see photo booths around in today’s age you may be wondering exactly what they are. Well, they are these little stalls which traditionally have space for about 2-3 people. You sit on the stool inside and have your pictures taken. They come out in a series of images which can be cut and kept or you can keep the entire length of pictures. In the 90’s and early 2000’s, you could find photo booths in places like the malls and the cinemas but you really don’t seem to find them that often anymore. Hence the reason these photo booths for hire in Melbourne are a great idea to bring back the retro job of photo booths the way we had them before and see in the mass media.

Other than that there are several Hollywood movies and TV shows around which show Photo booths and how fun they can be for people to engage with. As mentioned earlier, we have several Hollywood movies showing a young couple having the time of their life and sneaking into a photo booth, having their pictures taken and then leaving with the series of images.
Not only can you see them in Hollywood movies but now, even video games such as The Last of Us show images of the retro booth, thus reiterating how nice it would be to have a photo booth hire Melbourne for your upcoming event. Whatever it may be.

Therefore, we suggest you hire Lavish Photo Booths for your next event as it would bring back a more retro touch to the event and add a little more fun to the event. Not to say that photo booths are completely dead today, it’s just that when you think about them you do often think back to older movies where the reel of pictures isn’t the best quality which we know today. Today we have the same benefits as the old school photo booths as well as the benefit of having a crystal clear picture.

For more information about the photo booths for hire in Melbourne, you can go on over to Lavish Photo Booth’s website and gather whatever details you need to from there. You can contact them as you please and ask whatever question you wish to about the prices etc and get a free quote as well. Other than that, we suggest that you go through all the events which they photo booth company offers so that you know exactly what you are getting into before you do so.