Reach Out To People With A Personal Touch! 

Whether one has a graduation party planned or are worried sick for the lost pet, the best place to start is by getting the news across to a reasonably large number of community members. Anyone who has gone through the hectic job of planning an event would appreciate the need for proper dispensation of information to all those involved. If you are planning on opening a small business of home baked cupcakes, you would wish to inform your neighbourhood where to seek their chocolate muffin. In all scenarios where specific, concise information has to be disseminated to the target audience in relatively small vicinity at a budget cost, the answer is the paper. Everyone walks by those 6” by 8” posters, neatly pinned to the notice boards or taped to the trees beside the footpaths, on their way to or from work. The catchy advertisements, emphatic messages and exciting invitations help formulate the public opinion on a daily basis. The use of paper products in advertisement is not a new idea either; companies have been very effectively reaching their potential customer base through this medium for a long time now. 

Inexpensive means to publicise information 

The cost of television advertisement is exuberantly high when compared with the surprisingly inexpensive publishing paper handouts. While the national channels require payment per second of airtime – effectively rendering the small and medium sized entities out of the TV game – the leaflets of paper are much cheaper to print and free for future use. Even more importantly so, the message can be relayed to a much more targeted and customised audience. The cost is further minimised as the flyer can be distributed by hand or just left at doorsteps. One does not necessarily have to hire an expert to design the flyer either, if she is somewhat proficient with the computer. Both sides of the paper can be used to make them even more cost effective. 

Make a convincing argument 

People often find it difficult to communicate their ideas verbally. In the extremely busy life of the 21st century, it is next to impossible to request a bystander or a passerby to stop for a few minutes and then try to convey the thought in a cogent, structured and convincing manner within those few minutes. As soon as the communication gets sidetracked or even gets boring for the audience, they are bound to excuse themselves and the communicator is left with no tangible gain for the time he has spent. The best solution to this miscommunication is to transfer the intended message in a written form. Most people would politely accept the handout and read it at a later hour at the time of their convenience. Since the contents of the written message are thoughtfully constructed, it has the maximum chance of scoring points with the maximum number of people. It is not much inconvenience to the person giving out the message because cheap A5 flyer printing services are easily available in almost all towns. 

Nothing beats a Hello and a Good Morning 

When the message is transmitted through one-way communication mediums like a television, radio, bill board, newspaper etc, it sounds distant and impersonal. People don’t really pay much attention to these messages because they don’t think it is for them. But when another person stands in the corridor of a train station, for example, smiles at the person walking by, shakes their hand and greets them warmly, it gives a personal touch to the whole situation. An inexpensive, medium sized pamphlet handed out at the end of the conversation is then received with utmost attention because it is judged to be more trustworthy now that the person giving out those handouts has a face. People are more receptive of information when they believe it could be helpful for them as well while carrying no reciprocal liability for any future action. 

Transmission of ideas led to all the progress in the history of the mankind and the promotion of products has equally benefited the economic backbone of the world market. It is vital to any political party, opinion group, business enterprise, lobbying interest, and neighbourhood welfare society to reach the people they want to win over for their respective subject matter. In order to reach the people in a specific area in the most effective manner, one cannot overstate the importance of the old fashioned printed posters. Their cost is nugatory and their impact majestic. And public communication is all about touching the hearts and saving the bucks!