Should You Get Event Staff Management Software? 

By November 27, 2018Business Services

What is Event Staff Management Software? 

A complete Event Management Software includes the assistance in all aspects of event management in Australia. Covering all domains when managing an event can be tricky and tough. There are different tasks going on all the time and managing each activity individually can be hectic. An ESM software puts it all in one place, making it terrifically easy to monitor all activities. The activities include registration, promotion, evaluation etc. although there are certain software that handle these different tasks individually. However, a complete ESM software provides all domains under one program. 

Applications of ESM Software 

Although Event Staff Management software is more suited to one event than the other, it is generally applicable for almost all kinds of events. Be it a concert or a scientific conference, a number of tasks are performed in parallel which gives birth to the need of a software that makes it possible to manage all task through one software. It is crucial for events like conferences or networking events where different activities need to be constantly monitored. An ESM can make it possible to monitor the staff allocated, at all times. It also allows keeping a record during the entire event; be it financial record or the number of guests.  

Tasks covered by ESM Software 

While the previous sections highlight the application of the ESM Software, this section will be discussing the core services provided by the software. Generally a registration software is often referred to as event staff management software Australia, but that’s not truly it. A true ESM software handles different tasks under one application. Following are some of the key facilities provided by ESM software.  

The website 

In the absence of ESM software, people would outsource the task of making website for the event. This is no longer necessary with the introduction of ESM software that provides the option of creating website for the event. The purpose of this is to make it possible for the organiser to have a website for the event without the knowledge of coding. 


This is a crucial part of ESM software that allows the organiser to do the registration online. The organiser can list down various options of registrations and the users can register themselves accordingly. It maintains a full record of the number of participants and other details.  


An important part of a successful event is the marketing drive. It is very important to reach out to the right audience which can be difficult if the audience is large. However, an ESM software utilises different tools such as bulk emailing from which, specified information can be sent to the targeted audience without any hustle. Likewise certain other tools are also used to boost the marketing of the event.  

Convey information 

The software can be used by the attendees to see the schedule and other details of the event. This removes the need for a bulk of documents for information that the attendees needed to carry all the time. With ESM software, all the information such as schedule and venues of different activities, are in an app.  


The ESM software removes the need for bulk of paper sets for reviews. The attendees can give their remarks through an app. This not only makes it convenient for the attendees, but also the organisers, who don’t need to go through pile of review notes to evaluate the success of their event.   

Key benefits 

The services provided by an Event Staff Management software must be very clear by now. These services result in following benefits for the organisers. 

Improves interaction 

With the customised website and the online evaluation, the software allows improved means of interaction with the attendees.  

Less hectic 

The automated marketing and other tasks make the entire task of organising the event less hectic. From emailing to hundreds of people to receiving reviews, the software aids in saving a lot of time and energy.  


The assistance provided by the software makes it easy for the staff to handle any query or problem more professionally. With the help of the software, the staff can better cater to the needs of the attendees in lesser time.