The Best Wine Merchants in Town – Nicks Wine Merchants 

By May 10, 2022Food Services

Those who are wine drinkers know the importance and the effect of good wine. Some might argue that the price point dictates how good the wine is, but some might argue that a few cheaper ones are much better. But that is honestly down to personal preference.  

The bottom line is having good wine. For some people that might be difficult to find if wine stores are far away from where they live but now in the world of digitization, even wine shopping can be done online. And not just from any store, but wine shopping from very old and trusted wine merchants: Nicks Wine Merchants.  


These wine merchants are not your new wine business in town, but Nicks Wine Merchants is a family business that was founded in 1958 in the heart of Australia. Initially, the family started out with a supermarket however by 1978, they had become full-time wine merchants.  

And with a history and story of a tradition that goes way back, Nicks Wine Merchants is now one of the leaders of the wine retail industry. Nicks Wine Merchants did not stick with the traditional stereotypes that are associated with wine merchants, but they kept innovating to not lose the legacy their family had created all those years ago.  

For the huge variety of liquors that they stock like a chocolate liqueur or even foreign brands like Jack Daniels, Nicks Wine Merchants pioneered the concept of a website for wine. In this industry, that was a step toward innovation with a marketing approach like this. Their website was able to showcase the different types of wine and liquors (both local and international) they stocked, from chocolate liqueurs to Jack Daniels.  

Over the years Nicks Wine Merchants expanded the business to shipping globally which helped spread Australian wines internationally but also allowed them to import some of the most incredible wines and liquors from other regions of the world like the popular Jack Daniels.  


Despite all that success and expansion, Nicks Wine Merchants made sure to remain true to the core values of their independent family business was founded on. Remembering and following the values of “honesty, trust, respect, integrity and good service”.  

It is these values they believe that have allowed them to continue running the business even now with prosperity. To honour their ancestors, the Nicks Wine Merchants website also offers the public free-of-cost information and testimonies about Nicks Wine Merchants.  

Due to all this, the business has been able to remain in the family with one retail store in Melbourne because at Nicks Wine Merchants, they value quality over quantity.  


Journalists have penned down their opinions and reviews of Nicks Wine Merchants and they have been nothing but praising. From chocolate liqueurs to Jack Daniels, journalists have claimed that Nicks Wine Merchants has an unbelievable collection of wines and spirits. Such a diverse collection that it can be called an alcohol museum (where you can buy and taste the exhibits, of course!). 

Nicks Wine Merchants has also had the honour of being voted Australias Best Independent Wine Store by consumers by a prestigious magazine.  


The collection at Nicks Wine Merchants is divided into 5 broad categories of red wine, white wine, sparkling, spirits, and other categories. Within each one of these, wines are categorized as per their price point, varieties, country/region, and more. In this way, customers on the website can look for any specific one they want, or they could easily explore new and different options as per their budgets.  

Chocolate Liqueur: 

Chocolate liqueur is an alcoholic beverage made from a base liquor, which could be whiskey or vodka to which chocolate is then added. It often gets mistaken for chocolate liquor which is basically cocoa bean paste that does not contain alcohol. Nicks Wine Merchants houses around 20 different products within the chocolate liqueurs range.  

Jack Daniel’s: 

Jack Daniel’s is a brand of Tennessee whiskey, founded back in 1875. It is a famous brand, famous for the special way they make their whiskey. At Nicks Wine Merchants, you can find almost 30 products that are included as Jack Daniel’s Collectables.