Tips For Starting A Financial Planning Business

By January 18, 2018Business Services

Financial planning businesses are mushrooming around Australia, particularly catering for regular folk who want to start investing toward their future. If you are thinking about entering a field, there are several tips for starting your business: 

Create Your Own Nice 

Financial planning is a massive business sector. Your new company will be facing off against some tough competition when you enter the field. The best way to stand out and attract customers if to find your own niche to sell in. In other words, choose a target audience. Your business can target millennials or older generations. What matter is that you choose a target audience whose demands for the services you offer are unmet by a rival. Once you carve out your niche, you will naturally gain a loyal and reliable following. That’s the first step towards success.  

Invest in Fintech 

Fintech, or financial tech, benefits not only finance-based businesses but also clients as well.  Fintech largely refers to algorithm-based automated investment advisor software that takes a chunk out of a traditional financial consultant’s workload. You can rent such a program from an Australian developer. Later, the clients would sign up as well for SMSF financial advice sessions. The financial planning business has the freedom to set up their own price here. Don’t forget to choose a service with an Australian financial services license.  

Offer Highly Structured Services 

When it comes to financial planning businesses, pricing is everything. The prices you offer should strongly reflect the services your business offers as well. It offers the best price, your company will need to offer structured financial instruments. Therefore, you will have to think about these products early on. You can create combinations for the many options available. If the price is right, then the clients would simply pour in.  

Form Strong Bonds with Consultants 

Good financial planning consultants are hard to come by. Therefore, to reduce turnover rates and improve overall job satisfaction, hire strong candidates that you can rely on. Communicate with the candidates personally and you will know the ones who will remain with your company on the long term. Introduce them to the fintech you buy or plan to buy early on for familiarization purposes.  

Launch a Marketing Plan to Find Clients 

Your clients will not pour into your business once it’s open. You will have to design a strong marketing plan and target it to the intended clients. The marketing plans for your business will most likely be B2B. In any case, do invest in social media and digital marketing to stay competitive in today’s landscape.  You will also have to penetrate the mobile market. Creating an app can be a great method for finding new clients.  

Network, Network, Network  

Do start networking as well. You will need to network rigorously among business circles to land your best clients. So expect yourself to go to finance conferences and events to meet up with potential new clients. At this stage, you will require a fully prepared product to tout at networking events.  

Last but not least, learn to be patient. Financial planning businesses require several years to truly be successful. Therefore, follow the above suggestions to start a business. You will have to learn organization skills along the way as well. Focus on making the business efficient as well once it’s up and running.