Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing: Merchandising Stays For Longer! 

Communication plays a very vital role in bringing people closer, its deficit or lack of effectiveness could lead to turning your friends into foes. Friends fall apart because they get busy elsewhere and stop communicating with one other as a downside of it. Same is the case with brands. In fact, people are brands, trying to preserve and protect their self-image all the time while a brand is an identity, it could be a person, a product, a service, a cause or anything. A brand’s health deteriorates when it could not communicate its message across out-loud while at the same time, having people to understand it, as it is, by being attentive.     

Nowadays, there’s an unmatchable surge in digital marketing. Everyone’s doing it while ignoring the traditional modes of advertising or keeping them to the minimum, including myself. While the truth of the matter is, brands have been finding it difficult to break through the widespread digital clutter, despite the increase in digital exposure and attention deficit of traditional advertising to maintain their brand identity. What To Do to Stand-out? How To Make us Heard? These are the major questions popping out at any brand campaigns’ brainstorming routine. 

‘Out of mind, out of sight’ is the main game in marketing. While the brand recall of digital and traditional media is lower, the promotional items take away the major chunk of it in the race of creating brand awareness. People keep promotional products for over 8 months with them as per the survey report by Advertising Speciality Institute; also, 85% of consumers said they were more likely to remember the advertiser if they were emblazoned on a promotional product. That means your advertisement is sitting in front of someone longer than a simple PPC ad or pop-up on a website.  

Why Promotional Items Work For Brands? 

There are 2 ways in which promotional merchandise Australia works better than the digital: 1) it creates a stronger bond between the company and the customer; therefore, has a better recall than digital. Research supports this, with a recent neuroscience study suggesting our brains are more receptive to the physical material as it “has a meaning, and a place. It is better connected to memory because it engages with its spatial memory networks.” 

2) It lasts longer than the digital advertisement, at least for 8 months approximately as per the ASI. While reach over the lifetime varies greatly.  

However, the branded promotional item should have a value and reusability feature for the recipient else you will lose out on its default benefits. Seamless Marketing Matters has been working minutely on these factors for the merchandising purpose in Australia by making brands aware about the ways promotional items should be used among stakeholders to create a holistic and integrated brand awareness.  

Use of Promotional Items To Create Integrated Brand Awareness 

There are 5 ways to use branded merchandising for instant and stronger brand recall and awareness: 

Start With the Employees 

Employees are the most genuine ambassadors for a brand. Therefore, they are the ones who should get the promotional merchandise firstly, for instance, a shirt. People interacting with employees would ask them about the services if they have a vague recall or visible reminder of where they work. 

Customers Love Freebies 

Get the promotional merchandise into the hands of customers as everyone loves freebies. It could be anything simple: a football, a tote bag, a clock or USB, to name a few. This does 2 things: a) recipients become great advocates of your products and services, b) they remain loyal to the brand for a long time. So, do not target customers coming into your physical premises only but also target them via social media as well. This works wonders! 

Incentive to Sales Team 

Whenever sales team achieves a target, it is best to give them a branded incentive. For instance, a branded car, or a bike or a jacket or anything valuable which could be branded. This would not only motivate them to work harder but also, they will promote and pitch the brand by using those incentive items.  

Potential Customers via Sponsorship 

A brand message should not stay restricted to employees or current customers only rather it should reach out to the potential buyers as well. So whenever you sponsor an event or do a PR, make sure your promotional merchandise Sydney finds its way into the hands of the prospects.  

Trade Fair – First Impression Matters! 

A brand gains great international recognition and exposure through trade fairs. While participating in one, make sure you have the relevant branded promotional item to create the first impact on the attendees i.e. a pen, or tote bag, or product sample etc.  

If you are on a lookout for a merchandising vendor? Then Seamless Marketing Matters works hand-in-hand with brands in creating the right branded promotional items for a successful campaign. Gone are the days to utilise tried and tested methods for brand promotions. Now everyone needs an effective marketing tool and a worthwhile investment which can only happen when the brand and merchandising vendor work cohesively.