Treat Yourself Every Once In A While. 

By August 10, 2018Home & Garden

In the world of chaos and competition, one often ignore the importance of paying attention to their own health. Everyone, in these days, is struggling with its own battles and worries whether to cater for family or coping with own personal problems. In doing so, people often ignore their physical and mental health.  Treating one-self in order to release stress/anxiety and letting everything go is an amazing feeling which everyone should be doing in order to keep oneself sane and calm for facing next challenge of life. These days it’s not very difficult to get a spa treatment at home without spending loads of money. Giving some time to let go of any anxiety and depression will change one’s life forever. Aroma therapy is a therapy started way back in 1937 as an experiment to relief anxiety and soothing the nerves. However in many parts of the world combating stress with scented candles is a popular therapy even before 1937. Hence, anyone envisaging to treat itself with Aromatherapy should consider following factors to construct that how it works and what one can attain from this blissful exercise. 

Does Aromatherapy Actually work? 

It wouldn’t be wrong or exaggerated if to say yes, the right aroma can works wonders for calming nerves and help to forget a hectic troublesome day. It’s proven by certain studies that some essential oils and scents have an actual stress relieving properties hence considered a form of alternative medicine. A study was conducted in Ruhr University Bochum Germany suggested that, “essential oils may affect a number of biological factors, including heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function Take off the shoes, wear comfy clothes, lit some candles, enjoy some music or read a book. There is nothing more relaxing than this atmosphere one create for him/herself  

How it works. 

Ever wondered how do one get calm by a thing as little as smelling a scented candle or applying an essential body oil Australia? Every individual have scent receptors in brain which gives one the joyful feeling when he/she smell something pleasant and  disgust encounter when one smell a stinky odour. Aromatic therapy targets those receptors. When one deeply breathe in the scent, its molecules will directly target the brain cells which are responsible for calmness. Talking about essential oils, there is a same effect as lighting candles. Fragrant molecules present in essential oils pass right through the blood and through blood reach brain barrier having direct effect on the stress relieving receptors on the brain. However the most interesting aspect in this regard is essential oils can have both calming and stimulating effect on everyone. It actually works by finding out what needs to be done and where. Same oil can serve different purposes at the same time.  

Best Stress relieving Aroma oils and Candles: 

Before buying these products such as stress relief candles, body oils it’s essential to find out first property of each scent and its effect on a body. Some of the most likeable aromas for stress relief are chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, spearmint and rose. Each serves its own purpose for example: Lavender is known to have properties of restoring the central nervous system after it is overworked due to a hectic and stressed out day. It also works wonders with people having insomnia and other sleep issues by quickly get the person fall asleep, hat is the reason people prefer it to put it in the bedroom.  Eucalyptus works wonders dealing with a tensed respiratory system. In stress one’s breathing automatically get effected and heart rate increases, in this situation breathing in Eucalyptus oil can calm nerves and helps breathing. Spearmint is mostly combined with eucalyptus as it improves the mood and ability to focus. Rose essential oil is made from rose flower and it is known to help in emotional healing, after a heavy stressed out event. 

Hence, in these days, many trusted companies in Australia, are continually striving to provide these magical relaxing tapers with excellence for relieving stress and anxiety naturally with organic therapeutic anxiety free glim and natural aromatic body oils for 1000’s of people in over 13 years. All their products are 100% organic and made using Miron violet glass to ensure the quality and tested in lab before prepping for sale. All products are certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and OFC (Organic Food Chain) and cruelty free. To get the most out of it and staying healthy both physically and mentally, these products are the way to go.