Understanding The Ups And Downs Of Filters

Having a clean pool is one of the most pleasing things to have as an owner of property. It lets you know and others know that you are doing something right because it takes quite a lot of effort to keep your pool clean and looking fresh and beautiful all year round. The amount of maintenance someone would need to put in to keep a pool clean used to be obscene but now it’s a lot easier through the use of Mount Vital services. Having a clean and well looked after pool can also boost the value of your property for a time where you may want to sell it.

What pool filters do

Well, what do they do? Above ground pool filters help to ensure that sediment does not accumulate in the pools as if it does it can subside and form a gross layer on the bottom of the pool. The filters also help to spread chemicals in the water that you may have added to adjust the pH level of the water in the pool such as some chlorine or soda ash. The pH level of your pool is important as if it is to acidic it can be unpleasant to swim in and can burn and damage your eyes. An out of balance pH level can also cause other unpleasant side effects such as different kinds of algae and other bacteria that are not good for your health or for your family’s health.

Different kinds of pool filters

Pool filters come in many different styles from very basic filters to pool filters that have built in timers to automate the beginning and end of a filtration cycle. The pumps can also have a variety of different settings for different needs. Some pumps have settings that allow you to empty any excess water in your pool and do a backwash which forces water through the filter in order to clean it and the can also have a rinse cycle during which the water from the pool is circulated throughout the entirety of the pool filter system. Pool pumps can also come in a variety of different sizes depending on the size of your pool and the volume of water your pool can hold

Keeping your pool clean

The new cutting-edge technology put into modern day pool filter systems allows them to be more effective than ever before and cleaning your pool even faster and even more effectively than ever before. There are many different things that can affect the clarity and cleanliness of someone’s pool from the ridiculous amount of leaves and small flowers that get blown into it to the thirsty insects that come near a pool to drink and even sadly on occasion a small curious animal who was interested to see what it was. Modern pool pumps help to assist you in keeping your pool as clean as it can but they still can’t do all the work. You may need to remove some things that are too big for the system to filter through such as a small animal like a mouse.