Why Choose Genji and Co. for Reading Books? 

By April 4, 2022Ecommerce

Who does not like reading books once they found out about their interest? Books have a world where people feel safe and motivated. It gives us a level of satisfaction that we are being connected to all over the world through stories and novels. For example, we can read a book sitting on the sofa at home that is published in another corner of the world. Books have minimised the distance around the globe. It is an effective way of communicating and connecting.  

Genji and Co. have realised the need for an international platform that is environmentally friendly at the same time provides benefits to readers all around the globe. We are proud to say that we are the first one who publishes the tales of Genji, which was written by a Japanese writer. We have literary fiction books from Japan published under the banner of Genji and Co. that can be read by people all around the world.  

The Reasons to Choose Genji 

There are many other websites as well that have books and novels available for readers. Multiple features urge people to go to the Genji site to read the books, which are as follows.  

  • Reputation in Market 

We have a good reputation in the market. People trust us that we give them a platform where they get the originals books to read. We give them trust and reliability when it comes to the book. It is not as if we publish anything to increase the ratings and traffic on our website. Before publishing anything, we make sure that whatever we are displaying on our website is authentic. We do our research and when we find zero plagiarism, we own it. Unlike others, we do not only believe in publishing books and stories that are plagiarised.  

  • Creative Stories 

We have creative stories. We proudly say that we welcome multiple writers on the same platform. We know that God has bestowed us with different skills and set of knowledge. Everyone has a different style of thinking and analysing things. When you come to our website to read the books, you realise that we have diversified books available. We want to give everything to our readers.  

  • Work with New Talent 

We like to welcome and work with new talented writers. We know that we have different styles of thinking. When we have a certain situation, we all react differently. Likewise, new writers have fresh and unique ideas. Readers who like to read books want new ideas and new stories. They do not like to read the same old fiction or romantic stories. They like to read the different plots and ideas that keep their interest in the book until the last passage and line. Therefore, keeping that in mind, we welcome new talent as they give creative stories and diversity that our readers need.  

  • Give Jobs to Writers all Around the World 

We know that there are talented people available all around the globe. We serve books to the whole world that is why we have writers from all around the world. We have a diversified set of knowledge of culture and many other things as we have writers from around the globe.  

  • Read Online 

We give you an opportunity to read the books and novels online from our website. We have categorised all the sections according to your convenience. Our readers can read the books on the go. For example, you have a long flight and there is no friend with you going in the same fight. You do not have to worry about anything. Genji comes to your rescue. You can read books online.  

  • Wide Range of Options 

We provide you wide range of options. We know that romantic novels and stories do not excite everyone. Therefore, we have designed our website in a way that we have catered for the interest of everyone. We have the following options for you.  

  1. Contemporary 
  1. Literary fantasy 
  1. Crime 
  1. Fiction 
  1. Realism 
  1. Short Stories 
  1. Novels 
  1. Non-Fiction 
  1. Historical 

We have something for everyone. Whether you are an aged person or a young person, we have something available for you as per your desires and preferences.