Why should you use the bong for smoking?

By February 24, 2019Ecommerce

A bong is a water pipe that acts as a filtration device and is commonly used for smoking. It consists of glass bowl that is attached to cylindrical glass pieces with holes in them. The bowl is where the substance that is to be smoked such as tobacco or cannabis is put and heated. The smoke is filtered by water while travelling upward through the cylinder and to the mouthpiece from where it can be inhaled. Bongs are thought to have originated from Central Asia as that is where cannabis originated from but recent archaeological findings have linked it to have originated in Africa. Bongs are becoming an increasingly popular method of smoking as opposed to rolls and blunts and you can even buy bargain bongs online. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even be modified according to your requirements.  

When you first decide to buy a bong, the first consideration is your budget. Is it a new hobby or something that you are testing, the aesthetic as well as the practical side of the product should be considered. Small bongs can easily be travelled with in your bag whereas larger bongs are difficult to carry and have to be handled with more care as they are essentially made of glass. Small bongs also produce less smoke and the length of the experience is reduced as you have to heat it again and again. Large bongs are more useful if you wish to carry out the activity with a number of people and if you want to enhance the overall experience. Depending on your requirements, a variety of bargain bongs are available online. 

The main component of the bong is the water filtration which is the main reason for its preference over traditional pipes. With these regular pipes, you are always at risk of inhaling burnt ash or tar. With glass bongs the ash gets stuck to the water and does not reach your mouth. They also help filter out dangerous toxins from the herbs that you inhale. Water filtration also helps cool down the smoke before you inhale which make it easier for the lungs as it does not irritate the throat. An ash catcher can also be bought while buying bargain bongs at Online Smoke. This adds a second level of filtration that traps all the ash before it can come into the bong. 

Bongs are preferred by a variety of people as they have many benefits. They are very easy to clean. The most common type is the glass bong which can easily rinsed with water and the level of dirtiness can also be easily seen. They will also dry out easily as the mouthpieces allow air into the bowl and cylinder which prevents growth of fungus as well. Glass bongs are made of heat resistant glass which means that it will not crack in high temperatures. Glass also does not react with other substances and reduces the risk of you inhaling poisonous fumes. Bongs can be reused. With traditional rolls, they have to be bought again and again, increasing their overall cost as well. With bongs, you don’t have to run to the store overtime you feel like smoking. Bongs are great if you like smoking as they give bigger hits as compared to other means. Beginners may find it overwhelming though.  Smoking is injurious to health but bongs provide a safety net in the form of water filtration. This helps remove the tar which is a stick substance that attaches itself to your lungs if inhaled.  

However, cleaning your bong is of the utmost importance. Residue can be dangerous as it can catch fire. Also, while sharing your bong, more germs are introduced and could lead to you catching viral illnesses such as the cold. Bongs smoking is a great experience for those interested in smoking. They are cost efficient and easy to carry and use. They also help protect your lungs by filtering out the tar and harmful carcinogens.