Your Outdoor Advertising Turned Practical With Printed Shade Cloth

By February 22, 2019Business Services

No matter what the trends or the advertisers of this age say, OOH or out of the home advertising is never going out of trend. It is a given that people are going to travel, and they are going to see whatever’s happening around them. Hence, whichever advertisement catches their eye, catches the point. Still, most of the companies when looking for the outdoor advertising format want the area where they garner major eye balls, but want it to be budget-friendly as well. The answer to this customizable dream and budget optimization is the ad on a printed shade cloth. It ticks all the brackets that an advertiser is seeking to be fulfilled. The cloth is eye-catching, budget-friendly and definitely has the tendency to get attention. Let us tell you all the reasons why a printed shade cloth ad is practical and the IT thing for your business these days. 

Budget Friendly, Better Reach! 

As already mentioned above, using a printed shade cloth for your advertising is the most cost-effective method you can opt for. It is a highly affordable way through which you can customise your advertising style and give you a great exposure in return. You not only get whatever you want to put out for your audience easily printed on the cloth, but your ROI or return on investment is easily captured. Now, you must be thinking how in the world is that happening? As already described, when you opt for shade cloth Sydney, you are putting in quite a low-cost to advertise outdoors. This means that you are putting up a formerly expensive thing in much less of the original cost and getting the same output and exposure for you brand in return. Rings a bell? Moreover, the shade cloth rolls come in a different lengths, widths and height. It means you can easily determine the size and width of your ad. If you look for the conventional mediums of outdoor advertising, which are banners and billboards, they only have pre-set size, hence they are confined to some places only. On the other hand, printed shade cloth means that you can reach into all those places where you had only dreamt till yet. What more do you want? 

It Benefits You & The Environment: 

Starting with the YOU point of the heading, because that might entice some people the most. You are getting bang for your buck in more ways than you have already considered, and not just the outdoor advertising format. Shade cloth has the tendency to stop dust and debris from settling into it, and hence it is popular on construction sites. It means that when you use it on the construction sites, the builders will have the liberty to keep their site clean, while you get the benefit of reaching a very high audience at the same time. All the potential customers and the foot traffic that goes past it will definitely have a peek into what you do, and just might turn into your potential customers. Similarly, it is also around 30 percent airier, which means that wherever it is used, the building and the area will be easy breezy. The sun will also be blocked by 70 percent, so the shade during hot sun days is also another blessing. Moving onto the other point of this heading, shade cloth is environment friendly as well. It is made from UV-stabilised fibres, which means that the material is long-lasting and safe for the environment. If you use UV-stabilished ink, it won’t fade, and the harsh climate will have no effect on it. You will not only be keeping your ad intact for years, but will be protecting the environment as well. 

Design Consistent: 

This point is every designer’s dream come true, who is baffled every time their ad goes on a billboard and it has lost the original charm. Shade cloth is printed with digital printers, which means that the screen-printing that isn’t consistent isn’t an option anymore. Your brand design and identity will remain intact and you won’t have to worry about going for the re-print, if there is a dramatic change in the color.